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The Sjoelen World Cup is next year!

The Sjoelen World Cup will be held in France (Strasbourg) on May 26 & 27, 2017

Americans (and Canadians) should consider attending this amazing event as an observer or even as a participant.

In 2013 we had one US player in the world cup: David Dow from Rochester, NY participated in the tournament and he is planning to go again in 2017. Next year we hope to send a team of 5 players so we can compete in the team competition event.

Becoming a top US sjoelbak player might not be as unattainable as one might think. I would say if you have an average score of 100 you are well on your way to participate and there is still more than a year to practice.

BTW, we approached Nike and asked them to become the corporate sponsor for the US Sjoelen team.... we are still waiting for an official response from them.... Might be a long wait.

Check out the official website for the latest news on this exciting event. 

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    To get a taste of a major Sjoelen tournament here is a video from the Netherlands: 


    Written by Reinier Heyden — March 06, 2016

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