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Question: Is there a book about sjoelen?

Thank you for your interest in the game of sjoelen, you are right to think there is a more to sjoelen than to just throw a few pucks.

As far as we know there are no books out on sjoelen. Correction: there was a book published on sjoelen, but it is out of print.
We have met a person in the Netherlands who may be planning to write a book sometime in the future.
She is a world class player and we are in contact with her and we will post updates here.
I would advise you to watch the many videos on YouTube of players in the Netherlands and then practice a lot, hopefully several times a week.
What we did observe:
Most good players stand still when they play with their legs spread slightly to form an "A" and only move their upper body (arms and hands) keeping their focus on the slots during each round, but it was also advised to relax between each round and then refocus. 
They practice with the first 5 pucks (which is legal) trying to hit the outside 2 slots (the 1 and the 2 slots) and once they finish the 5 they know what the board is like. 
They then get all 30 pucks back to begin the game.
During the first throw or round they mainly focus on the inside slots (3 and 4) sometimes completely filling them and then in the later throws they fill up the outer slots. They don't aim to get them close they aim the get them straight through the slots. Very few remain in front of the slots. It looks like they never slam the pucks, but the pucks have enough speed to lightly touch the back of the sjoelbak, as if there were no portals.
I hope this helps you in your quest to become a better player, but above all: Have fun!

Sjoelen World Cup 2017

The Sjoelen World Cup is next year!

The Sjoelen World Cup will be held in France (Strasbourg) on May 26 & 27, 2017

Americans (and Canadians) should consider attending this amazing event as an observer or even as a participant.

In 2013 we had one US player in the world cup: David Dow from Rochester, NY participated in the tournament and he is planning to go again in 2017. Next year we hope to send a team of 5 players so we can compete in the team competition event.

Becoming a top US sjoelbak player might not be as unattainable as one might think. I would say if you have an average score of 100 you are well on your way to participate and there is still more than a year to practice.

BTW, we approached Nike and asked them to become the corporate sponsor for the US Sjoelen team.... we are still waiting for an official response from them.... Might be a long wait.

Check out the official website for the latest news on this exciting event. 

  • Sjoelen 2017

    Comments anyone? 

    To get a taste of a major Sjoelen tournament here is a video from the Netherlands: 


    Sjoelen Score Pads

    Last month Dutch Games introduced a new product: Sjoelen Score Sheet Pads

    We now include 2 sheets with every sjoelbak and they are available for purchase on our website: dutchgames.us

    We created this product to encourage playing sjoelen the right way, using the official game rules.

    In the Netherlands where the game originates the rules are written and adopted by the ANS (algemene nederlandse sjoelbond) These rules are also enforced by the different sjoelen world cup committees.

    The Sjoelen Score sheet comes in pads of 25 sheets and each sheet has room for 8 players to play 3 games each. Each game consists of 3 throws and there is a box to check which throw has been completed. The 3 scores would be totaled to determine the overall winner.

    At the bottom of each sheet is a summary of some of the main rules of sjoelen

    Our goal at Dutch Games is to develop a dedicated group of players and clubs that sjoel by the official rules. Hopefully soon we can start sending US or Canadian players to represent our country in International competition and who are able to compete well. 

    We also hope that people use these score pads to enhance the gaming experience and to encourage some healthy competition. We believe that it is good that every player is held to the same standards.

    Enjoy the Game!

    Market Study on Sjoelen Tables

    To our customers and future customers: We are asking for your feedback.

    We have investigated different tables to support our sjoelbakken while playing and we think we found the supplier that has the table that meets this need. It is very sturdy (rated for 700 Lbs) and will keep the sjoelbak well supported steady and will not take too much room as it is only 18" wide. 

    Our question to you: Do you think it would be a good idea to combine this table with the sjoelbak? Sold separately of course

    Please leave your comments below. Thank you

    Our target price for the table would be: $99 which includes shipping.

    Here are the Specs:

    by Dutch Games

    Sjoelbak Table
    Surface Material: Plastic Shape: Rectangle
    Height: 30" Weight Capacity: 700 lb.
    Features: Lightweight Blow-Molded Plastic, 16-Gauge Cantilevered Comfort Legs, Leg Brace Features Spring Loaded, Push Button, Operation for Stability Tabletop Color: Light Spotted Gray
    Item: Meeting and Training Table Top Thickness: 2"
    Width: 18" Length: 72"
    Mfr Number: DG1872
    Meeting and Training Table, Rectangle, Tabletop Color Light Spotted Gray, Surface Material Plastic, Top Thickness 2 In., Width 72 In., Depth 18 In., Height 30 In., Weight Capacity 700 lb., Features Lightweight Blow-Molded Plastic, 16-Gauge Cantilevered Comfort Legs, Leg Brace Features Spring Loaded, Push Button, Operation for Stability

    Sjoelbak Sightings – Sports bars and brew pubs

    Welcome to "Sjoelbak Sightings," where we will feature Dutch shuffleboards from across the country and beyond. Pub or cruise ship, schoolhouse or retirement home; we’ll feature any Sjoelbak, whether it’s ours or not.

    We have identified several more first class establishments and places, which offer Sjoelen in addition to adult beverages. If you are in the neighborhood please visit and ask to play the exciting game of Sjoelen






    Own or seen a board you’d like to see featured on our blog? Please email us at sales@dutchgames.us and share your story!

    Welcome aboard: More “Sjoelbak Sightings!”

    One prominent sighting from several of our customers has been on cruise lines, such as Holland America Line and Viking River Cruises. Sjoelen is a perfect icebreaker to bring unacquainted people together. But you won’t be unacquainted for long! While on board one of these beautiful cruise ships, you’ll soon be competing, cheering on or even heckling your new friends playing this exciting game.

    After enjoying a lavish vacation, many cruise-goers love to relive their experience by bringing home their favorite new addiction; sjoelen!


        People playing Sjoelen on board a cruise ship                        A fun activity on board  for centuries


    Own or seen a board you’d like to see featured on our blog? Please email us at sales@dutchgames.us and share your story!


    Sjoelen World Cup 2015

    Competition in Sjoelen worldwide is heating up. The latest world cup was held in the Czech Republic with 8 countries participating. The next world cup will be in 2017 in France. It would be great to see the USA represented in 2017 as we were in 2013.

    Also last week the (EOC) European Olympic Committee announced that the Netherlands will be hosting the European games in 2019. 

    Time to lobby for Sjoelen as an official Olympic sport!

    Written by Joshua Heyden — May 26, 2015

    New way to hold a sjoelen tournament

    They had an exciting new sjoelen tournament in Groningen. Check out the video of the event, especially the "wave" at the end of the final game

    New found excitement in the Netherlands - sjoelen

    Check this out. 3 guys in Tilburg wanted to start a sjoelen club. They really stressed the community and bringing people together with a fun activity  

    Amazing accomplishments in sjoelen

    World Record set at sjoelen tournament in Zwolle, NL   Here is the world record score card of 10 perfect games in a row by Siem Oostenbrink  (Siem is shown...