Which One?

                  Foldable Sjoelbak

Choosing the right model Sjoelbak can be a bit of a struggle for some people.

All models have distinct advantages.

The traditional model is my personal favorite.  It is the type of board that I played while I was growing up in Holland. 

Both the Heemskerk and Schilte boards are great, well constructed boards. The Schilte board (new to our product line) is quickly becoming my favorite. This is the only sjoelbak that the ANS (Dutch Sjoelbak League) permits for all their tournament and World Cup events.

In our family we joke that it is the Stradivarius of sjoelbakken, since some experts claim that there are Schiltes built in certain years that play better due to the wood quality grown in a particular year.

Actually, all that tells me that the Schilte is played by some true fanatics!

The differences between the 2 traditional boards are very subtle. Both are made in the Netherlands and are of excellent quality. Light weight but well designed and durable
Schilte satisfies  one unique requirement that the ANS has. The connections, (which are tongue and groove) are to be nailed not screwed
Heemskerk Sport uses screws for the connections.

For those of you who want to take your Sjoelbak places, I would not hesitate to recommend the foldable model HS-40FS.  It is so much easier to fit in the back of your car and stores nicely in a motor home.

Many people are concerned about the seam of the foldable board interfering with the game. This however is not the case.  In building the foldable model our manufacturer starts out with a finished traditional board, cuts it in half (for the perfect fit) and then adds the hinges. The board is adjusted in such a way that the half of the board that is closest to your body when playing is a fraction of an inch higher than the second half. This assures that the pucks always slide perfectly. Only when you are sliding the pucks so fast that they bounce back, you can sometimes hear that there is a seam.  Hitting the seam on the way back does not alter the direction of the puck..

Slamming the pucks is a poor playing strategy though. In that respect the seam is a good warning; you are sliding your pucks too fast!

Storing the foldable board can in some cases be easier  but the traditional model fits nicely up against the wall in a coat closet or behind a bedroom door . To me the best place is just up against the wall in the corner of my family room. The wood is beautiful to look at and it keeps the board easily accessible at all times.

Whether you choose our foldable or one of our traditional models, all our boards are well constructed, play well and will give you years and years of sjoelen fun!