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Dutch Games is proud to import and distribute the Sjoelbak (Dutch Shuffleboard) for Schilte and Heemskerk Sport in the US & Canada.
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Our Story

In 2007, Reinier and Jacqueline started Dutch Games in Portland, Oregon.  It had been a tradition among their fellow Dutch expatriates to gather every New Years' Eve to celebrate and to play Sjoelbak all night long.  Eventually, it was time to buy one of their own.  They wanted the most authentic product and the best playing experience.  It came as no surprise that the best Dutch Shuffleboards were made in Holland.  After spending an exorbitant amount of money on shipping a large wooden game all the way from Europe, they had the idea to start an import business. A business with an online storefront and a mission to save everyone else the trouble and expense of importing this unique and enjoyable board game.
In 2015 Dutch Games moved to Vancouver, WA just across the river from Portland, OR
The Interstate bridge between Portland and Vancouver



Dutch Games is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an "A+" Rating.

Dutch Games BBB Business Review