Invitation to participate in World Cup 2019

The world cup sjoelen will be played in Germany next year. We are sending a team from the USA. Who wants to join the US team? If you do please contact David Dow who is leading our delegation. David has played for the US in 2 previous world cups. Please watch the video to learn more. Thank you

World Cup Participation

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Right now you can sign up to compete with others all around the world. You will be able to play at home or at your favorite club and report your score once a week and see how you stack up against other sjoelen players. We will start again in the Fall of 2018. We just completed our Winter 2018 season and it was a great success. So sign up at our Facebook page to be part of this historic milestone in the Sjoelen world. Join the over 100 players already signed up.

Internet Sjoelen League

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