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We are excited to Introduce a new product: the Puck and Cup Holder:

 Holds all 30 pucks and also a pint of your favorite beverage and of course Free Shipping!


Occasions to play sjoelen this summer: Weddings, Picnics, beach trips, graduation parties, camping, RV, summer camps, church camps, resorts, backyard patios, block parties.... Did we miss anything? 

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Amazing accomplishments in sjoelen

World Record set at sjoelen tournament in Zwolle, NL   Here is the world record score card of 10 perfect games in a row by Siem Oostenbrink  (Siem is shown...

Question: Is there a book about sjoelen?

Thank you for your interest in the game of sjoelen, you are right to think there is a more to sjoelen than to just throw a few pucks. As far...

Sjoelen World Cup 2017

The Sjoelen World Cup is next year! The Sjoelen World Cup will be held in France (Strasbourg) on May 26 & 27, 2017 Americans (and Canadians) should consider attending this amazing...