Spring Sale extended into April

Looking for a unique game? May we suggest a sjoelbak to help pass the time in a new and exciting way?

Order one today and we will get it to you in a week, in most cases, (We ship from Vancouver, WA USA)

Have a tournament to see who is best, but above all, have fun playing this amazing game.

We are fully stocked in the USA ready to ship to you.

Sjoelbak models now up to $50 off list prices.  We also offer an additional $20 off (each sjoelbak) for multiple sjoelbak orders. Check it out in your shopping cart

Dutch Games is the official importer and distributor for Schilte and Heemskerk Sport sjoelbakken.   All our boards and pucks are imported from the Netherlands where the sport of sjoelen originates. (Not Made in China)

"Love our Sjoelbak!! We are very happy with our purchase of The Schilte Tournament Sjoelbak. It is absolutely gorgeous, and really fun to play. It is a wonderful addition to the game room in our mountain cabin" Amy

Dutch Games has been in business since 2007 selling sjoelbak boards in the US.and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

If you want to know more about sjoelen, check out our video page.

Video Page
Internet Sjoelen League


Would you like to improve your sjoelen play?  Maybe watch the instructional videos by David Dow, or sign up with the ISL.

Right now you can sign up to compete with others all around the world. You will be able to play at home or at your favorite club and report your score once a week and see how you stack up against other sjoelen players all over the world. We have categories from G to A where G is beginner and A are those who compete at the highest levels of play even World Cup caliber.

We will be starting a new season in April and scores (total of 10 games) are due each Saturday at 12:00 PM PDT

So sign up by clicking on the link below 

Join the over 150 players already signed up.

Sign Up for ISL

And subscribe to our Facebook page (Internet Sjoelen League) and be part of this historic milestone in the Sjoelen world


Interested in joining the US National Sjoelen Team?

The US participated in the World Cup sjoelen 2019 in Germany.. it was an amazing experience

Who is interested in joining our team for the WK 2022, which be held in the Netherlands?

Are you interested in sponsoring the US team to allow them to participate in the 2022 World Cup Sjoelen in the Netherlands?

Please send me (Reinier Heyden) an email at rheyden@dutchgames.us

Thank you!