Testimonials: Sjoelen, Sjoelbak, & Dutch Games

From Our Customers

I am amazed and impressed at the efficiency and quality of your service. Three days from my order date to delivery to my door is outstanding and unexpected. Thank you. 

- Sharon from California

We are taking it to our family reunion next month and you know how wild that will be. My husband and his family came here from Holland when he was 10, and they always had a board. I remember them all playing till the wee hours. My father-in-law was brutal and could beat anyone. Our kids played when they were young, and then that was the end of it. It was actually our son who started talking to us about remembering when he was little, and we knew we had to get one. They are all thrilled. It is beautiful. Thank You,

- Sally

We received it today! Beautiful!!!! Gonna have a lot of fun with our friends this winter because no one knows this game.      

-Irma K.

My husband has never enjoyed participating in board or card games at our family gatherings (he has dyslexia). But now that they have started playing Sjoelbak he loves to join in. He totally gets into it and just loves it.    

-Janice R.S.

My husband and I lived in Holland for a while 41 years ago. We discovered the game of Sjoelbak over there and loved it. I loved it so much that I made my husband write down all the dimensions and instructions so that when we came back he could build us one. I hung on to those plans for all these years, taking them with me from move to move. I came across them again recently and thought:  “maybe it is time for me to stop waiting for my Sjoelbak to be built and check on line if I can buy one”.  So very happy I found you guys!!

-Valerie A.

The Sjoelbak arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Your packing for shipment is very robust. The game looks beautiful. Unfortunately, it is a present, so I can’t try it out until Christmas. Can’t wait! Thanks again!

-Blake M.

My 7 children played this game at a party 5 years ago and loved it. I have been looking for it ever since. Yesterday I finally found out the name of it and your excellent site. Today I am ordering it and can’t wait for their excitement when they see it come Christmas Day. Thank you so much for the best family game ever!

-Cindy B.

My grandfather died recently and my dad and his brother were in total agreement on every detail of every aspect of dividing the inheritance.  Except for one thing, Grandpa’s old Sjoelbak.  My dad caved and let his brother have it, but I know he was sad to do it. I want to surprise him and order him a brand new Sjoelbak.      

-Ineke R.

I bought your Sjoelbak last year at the Portland Christmas Bazaar. The game has become such an obsesesion in my family. We play it at every family gathering and the competition has become quite fierce.  High scores are being kept track off and battles are fought amidst much heckling  and bantering.  I would like to order 8 more of your games, so every one of my adult children’s families can have their own board and be in training for our next family gathering at Thanksgiving.

-Violet F.

Additional Comments

Amazed to find that your board looks even better than shown on your website

Fun game for the entire family, my boys started playing right away. Thanks.

Awesome table, everyone needs one of these games, thanks-a-million.

Fast shipping, Excellent packing, Love love love it!!!

Great seller...the sjoelbak was well packaged and the service was exemplary.

How wonderful. Grand daughter loves the game. Another generation hooked! 

Fast shipping, love the game, thank you!!!!!!!!!! 

Excellent communication and expert packaging! Awesome board as well, thanks!

Awesome game!!!! Great service! Super experience!!! Thanks!!

Excellent seller...above and beyond service and a great product.

Fantastic game!!! Prompt shipping and great communication!!!

Quick delivery--- well packed, the kids in our Curling rink will love this game.

About The Game

An excerpt from a great article about Sjoelen:

Games which I would term culturally significant have always been of interest. There is something about a game which becomes so ingrained into a particular culture almost everyone has played it at some point, or at least is aware of it.

You think of Mancala in terms of Africa, Go in terms of China and Japan, and if you happen to be from The Netherlands Sjoelen or Sjoelbak.

An indication of how significant Sjoelen is in The Netherlands came recently as I attended a small reception for Johannes Vervloed, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands here in Yorkton.

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To learn more about how to play the game, click here.