Introducing the Internet Sjoelen League

September 21, 2017

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There is a new way of sjoelen competition...on the Internet. 

II will be a fun way to compete with others who may not have any other way to compete in a club or league environment. It is the intent that the Internet sjoelen league shall not compete with local sjoelen clubs or leagues. 

So the results of the Internet Sjoelen League will not be binding for any club or national leagues. 

This league is for recreational purposes only and is independent of any official sjoelen league

In general we are thinking to have each player submit a 10 game score each week by Friday evening. The Fall 2017 term will run say for 13 weeks, but only 10 weeks will be counted. And at the end of this period we will total all the scores and place all the players in 12 different classes depending on their average scores. Players that are part of sjoelen clubs should report the total of the first 10 games played that week. Players not part of a club play 10 games in 1 or 2 sessions on their own sjoelbak and report that score. 

Obviously this is based on the honor system and hopefully each player will play with a partner who would keep score for them. 

The chief aim for this league is to give players who live in countries like the US or Australia an opportunity to compete with others around the world. Obviously the players in the Netherlands and other European countries will get much higher scores, hence the many classes. This should encourage each player to practice more and try and get into the next higher class. Then in the winter term 2018 each player knows what class they play in. For the club players in Europe it will be a fun way to play against their WK competition throughout the year and hone their skills even further. We believe this will raise the quality of sjoelen all around the world. The results of this league are non binding of course and are for recreational purposes only.

From our latest communication:

First I would like to introduce you to the four people who helped start this league: 

  • David Dow from Rochester, NY. Twice represented the USA at the WK (world cup) sjoelen, in 2015 and 2017
  • Elly Mensen former Dutch and world champion sjoelen women
  • Sjaak de Vries top player at de Brikkenmikkers, Klazienaveen, NL   
  • Our own Reinier Heyden of Dutch Games, Vancouver, WA

In order for us to complete our records for each participant we would need some of information from each player:

  • Last Name, First name
  • email address
  • Location, Country
  • Age (optional), but at minimum indicate if 15 or younger
  • Those under 15 will compete in the Y(youth) league
  • Gender male/female
  • Name of sjoelen club if you are a member of one, otherwise answer None
  • Desired classification, (fill out X if unknown)
  • Sjoelbak brand you will play on (Schilte, Heemskerk, etc.)

Please send your answers to the following address:

Here are the Classifications we propose to use (No separate league for men, women)

Class Average Scores:

A 140.01-156.00
B 135.01-140.00
C 130.01-135.00
D 125.01-130.00
E 120.01-125.00
F 115.01-120.00
G 110.01-115.00
H 105.01-110.00
I 100.01-105.00
J 95.01-100.00
K 90.01-95.00
L 80.01-90.00
M 80.00 and below
X New Player
Y Youth, age 15 and under


Preliminary rules:

  • We will play by the official rules adopted by ANS.(Dutch Sjoelen Organization)
  • This will be Standard System aka as Libre: 30 pucks and 3 sub-turns
  • Non-club members should find at least one partner, who could serve as jurdge for the games and record/report the scores for you
  • Each player will play 10 games each week, you can split the session in 2 say alternating 5 games with your partner(s) and report your total score at end of Friday each week. Club players should report the 1st 10 games played at the club meet
  • Each term (period) will have 13 weeks, but only 10 weeks will be counted for the total term score, so you can use the highest score if you play more than 10 weeks
  • This allows a player to miss a week, but he/she can make up the miss in the following weeks
  • The scores for each week will be posted by the following Monday and will show the leader-board for each classification, for the week and for the season thus far

Judging from the reactions we have heard so far people are excited and ready to start competing with people all over the world

We are excited to start this new adventure and only time will tell where this will lead.

The Fall 2017 season will start the week of September 22nd and will tally the scores on Friday September 22nd and will continue to tweak the league rules as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you

ISL administrators
David Dow
Elly Mensen
Sjaak de Vries
Reinier Heyden


ISL (Internet Sjoelen League)



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