Schilte Tournament Sjoelbak - S240 (Straight Model, Includes 30 Pucks + Bonus Pack)

We are excited to have the Schilte sjoelbak in our product line.

This is the only sjoelbak that the ANS (Dutch Sjoelbak League) uses for all their tournaments. No other brand sjoelbak is allowed for competition and once you play the board you will understand why. 

The Dutch-made official competition model Sjoelbak is made of solid hardwood with 30 machine-tooled pucks to provide better control.

The board measures 78 3/4" x 16" x 3" 

Bonus Pack: 2 Score Pads and 3 Spare Pucks

These boards are handcrafted of imported hardwoods, such as European Beech for the sides and the slots, while the bottoms are made of Occume.

The pucks and the portal bar are both made of Beechwood.

All components are manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands and are designed to give you years of enjoyment.

Beware of "Cheap" imitations, sold in catalogs or on Amazon  


Shipping & Handling, per board

  • Free Shipping in the US, FedEx Ground (Hawaii, please call 1-877-233-8824)
  • $90 to Alaska, FedEx 2-Day
  • $20 to Canada, FedEx Int'l Ground, straight board only

For quantity discounts, please check shopping cart

Canadian customers: We are not required to collect any taxes. The Canadian government /delivery service may charge you Import duties, GST, HST, PST, clearance fees,  etc, over which we have no control. 

Buyers residing in The Netherlands or elsewhere: This makes a perfect gift for family or friends in the US & Canada. In most cases they will receive their Sjoelbak within a week after you place the order.




Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Scott In Connecticut
Wholesome Fun for all ages.

This is a wonderful game, adaptable for all ages, and handicapped individuals, for either informal fun or serious competition. It is a great interactive/social pastime for small Covid-Conscious (conscientious) groups ... e.g. two couples. I love that it gets kids " un-plugged" for a spell. The staff at Dutch Games are nice folks. When considering to place an order, they advised I wait a bit because there was an upcoming sale. The table is very good quality, but even with the sale I think it is a bit overpriced for a lot of people's budgets. I understand it is a large item and shipping is expensive, so there lies a substantial part of the cost. I wish they had an East Coast distributor! For the money, I would like to see the Puck holder accessory for included, or at least more reasonable. But, in any case, it is money well spent - good build-quality that should last a long time if cared for. You can save money by participating in a group purchase with some friends! My wife and I are both very happy with our game and have enjoyed it a few times with different people already and look forward to introducing others to this interesting game that is engaging and physical enough to get one moving about a little bit but not demanding at all. If I could give half-stars, I'd give it 4.5 ... I'm more picky/critical than most .. you know the type, anal OCD! GET ONE and enjoy it!

Brian - stephanie koomen
Awesome product

My Husband was excited to receive this! Brought back his childhood memories playing with his Dutch parents. We had a slight issue with delivery. However the customer service from the company was above and beyond.
We’ve been playing almost every night. It’s something that will be continued to passed down for generations to come. Highly recommend!


Schilte Tournament Sjoelbak - S240 (Straight Model, Includes 30 Pucks)

Chadd Zivic
Excellent Sjoelbak and Pucks

We originally received a damaged Heemskerk and Dutch Games sent us a new Schilte per our request (with a slight upcharge). We repaired the Heemskerk so it's usable. Both boards are great! There's a slight edge to the Schilte. The Schilte pucks are also nicer. We have had hours of fun with friends and family. I've started a little league with friends and tournaments are definitely in our future. I think some friends and family will be buying some Sjoelbaks soon. Thank you, Dutch Games!

Paul Russell
Schilte Tournament Sjoelbak S240

Good quality/craftsmanship and fast delivery. Very satisfied.

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