Schilte Opklapbare Sjoelbak - S-240 (Foldable Model, Includes 30 Pucks)

Introducing the Schilte Foldable Sjoelbak in the US.  

We are so excited to now have the Schilte Foldable sjoelbak in our product line.  

The foldable model is identical to the straight model, except it is split and hinged in the middle for easy storage and transportation. We personally test each board for quality assurance, to make sure that the pucks will slide across the gap smoothly for optimal game play.

The Dutch-made official competition model Sjoelbak is made of solid hardwood with 30 machine-tooled pucks to provide better control.

The board measures 78 3/4" x 16" x 3" Unfolded laying flat


These boards are handcrafted of imported hardwoods, such as European Beech for the sides and the slots, while the bottoms are made of Ocumme.

The pucks and the portal bar are both made of Beechwood.

All components are manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands and are designed to give you years of enjoyment.

Beware of "Cheap" imitations


Shipping & Handling, per board

  • Free Shipping in the USFedEx Ground (Hawaii, Alaska, please e-mail us for shipping cost at
  • $100 add, FedEx 2-Day
  • $20 to Canada, FedEx Int'l Ground

    For quantity discounts, please check the shopping cart

    Canadian customers: We are not required to collect any taxes.The Canadian government may charge you Import duties, GST, HST, PST, clearance fees, etc, over which we have no control. 

    Buyers residing in The Netherlands or elsewhere: This makes a perfect gift for family or friends in the US & Canada. In most cases they will receive their Sjoelbak within a week after you place the order.

     If your board needs adjusting after some time, there is an easy way to keep the pucks sliding smoothly across the seam. Please contact us. Thank you

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Christa B.
    Superb sjoelbak!

    I grew up in The Netherlands and we often played Dutch shuffle board ("sjoelen"). I was recently asked to teach 4 groups of elementary school kids about The Netherlands and decided to include "sjoelen" in the experience. I'm so glad I did! It was a huge success and... we now have our "sjoelbak" on the dining room table so we can (and do!) play it regularly. I was afraid that the foldable model might not be as good as the regular one, but I haven't noticed any difference. It for sure makes it much easier to transport. I'm really happy I splurged on it!

    John Mauthe
    Fun for anyone with at least two fingers and a pulse.

    This game is everything I needed in life. I'm a huge fan of any type of game that brings people together in a fun and competitive way. I'm especially a fan of games that people can quickly learn and just as quickly obsess over. I've only had the Sjoelbak for a couple of weeks and its been an absolute hit with everyone who has played it. This includes my 4 year old son, my middle school students, and friends at our local pub. I purchased the model with the hinge and although its a bit cumbersome to carry around, its a heck of a lot more possible than the intact version. The gap in the board where they cut does not affect the sliding of the pucks in any way whatsoever. Finally, I found that potato starch is the perfect lubricant for the board. Just sprinkle some around and let the pucks work it into the board as you play. Just writing this review has me itching to get home and play some more.

    I do have have just two small criticisms of the board that would be easily addressed. 1) The sliding door that's used for storage very easily slides out on its own and causes the pucks to fall out. I plan on adding a simple locking mechanism (like a gate hook) to keep it in place while also locking the two sides of the board together so they don't open during transport 2) add a simple handle to one side for carrying like a suitcase.

    With that being said, I can't be any happier with the board and game itself. Aside from those simple improvements that would make transporting it much easier, I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and everywhere I go, people want to know where I got it. for the win! Thanks, guys!

    L A Fletcher
    Such a fun family game

    We took this game on a family vacation. We played it in the evenings several times and had a lot of fun with it. We found it helpful to watch a short video on YouTube to learn how to play it along with reading the instructions. Our new favorite game!

    It's popular with the kids.

    I'm 71 and bought a foldable model for the senior center in CNY. Oh, how interesting was the comment. Brought it to the local small library where I volunteer and WOW. I'm on new status with the kids and the librarian in charge of the teens. Easy to play, encourages math, the parents were interested and I would recommend the company and game.

    Corrine D.
    So happy!

    Came in time for our Easter gathering! It brought back memories of myself growing up… it is so well made and folds away beautifully if need be!!!

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