Free Shipping - Schilte Opklapbare Sjoelbak - S-240 (Foldable Model, Includes 30 Pucks)

Introducing the Schilte Foldable Sjoelbak in the US.  

We are so excited to now have the Schilte Foldable sjoelbak in our product line. Schilte is the only sjoelbak that the ANS (Dutch Sjoelbak League) uses for all their tournaments.

The foldable model is identical to the straight model, except it is split and hinged in the middle for easy storage and transportation. We personally test each board for quality assurance, to make sure that the pucks will slide across the gap smoothly for optimal game play.

The Dutch-made official competition model Sjoelbak is made of solid hardwood with 30 machine-tooled pucks to provide better control.

These boards are handmade of imported hardwoods, such as European Beech for the sides and the slots, while the bottoms are made of Ocumme.

The pucks and the portal bar are both made of Beechwood.

All components are manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands and are designed to give you years of enjoyment.

Beware of "Cheap" imitations


Shipping & Handling, per board

  • Free Shipping in the US, FedEx Ground (HI, please call 1-877-233-8824) 
  • Free Shipping to Alaska (Priority Mail)
  • $0 us to Canada, Priority Mail (was $20)
  • $65 us to Australia, Priority Mail

For quantity discounts, please check the shopping cart

Canadian customers: We are not required to collect any taxes.The Canadian government may charge you Import duties, GST, HST, PST, clearance fees, etc, over which we have no control. 

Buyers residing in The Netherlands or elsewhere: This makes a perfect gift for family or friends in the US & Canada. In most cases they will receive their Sjoelbak within a week after you place the order.

 If your board needs adjusting after some time, there is an easy way to keep the pucks sliding smoothly across the seam. Please contact us. Thank you

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Julie Smithson
So happy! Reminds me of my childhood!

My Dutch grandparents had this game when I was little. We played it all the time. My grandpa would yell at us to stop shooting it so hard and wooykd demonstrate a smooth, gentle push! This is exactly the same except this one glides much better! And I love the table!

Love hearing the story of your childhood memories. Thank you for the great comments on our sjoelbak table. Enjoy!

David S.

Very happy with our foldable sjoelbak! Initially we were concerned about the fold and how it would affect the playing surface. I’m so glad we bought it! No issues with the fold whatsoever. The remarkable quality and craftsmanship leaves you with a smooth, slick surface and the foldable design makes storage easy, even protecting the playing surface when not in use.

The customer service at Dutch Games is also top notch. Their communication is terrific and they stand behind their product! We had a slight issue with our shipment due to carrier mishandling and Reinier made sure it was taken care of. We are so pleased with our purchase and highly recommend this company and their products!

Wow, we appreciate your kind words. And we are 100% in agreement...Thank you!

Lyle Martens

As expected, the Dutch quality purchase was a big success! Arrived in good shape to our house in 5 days; should last a lifetime...

What a game!

Shipping: Never received anything this quickly from anyone.

The Board: Great craftsmanship, great talking piece, hinge works perfectly.

The Game: As first time players, we love it! Great fun for everyone!

Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to us

Greg Kuetemeier
Great company! Great Product

I had been wanting a board since I played a few years ago and finally pulled the trigger on getting one. I contacted Dutch Games with some questions I had, more than once, and received quicker responses than I expected as well as helpful insight. I was a bit hesitant on the folding table, however, after chatting w/ them I did buy one. You can't even tell there's a seam! I highly recommend Dutch Games and the Schilte Opklapbare Sjoelbak - S-240 board! We had a blast playing!

Salem VA

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