Sjoelbak Pucks (3 Spares)

Spare Sjoelbak Pucks (3)

These hardwood pucks are made of Beechwood and suitable for replacements, or a new set, if you decide to build your own Sjoelbak.

The pucks are 52mm in diameter and 13mm high. They fit a tournament sized Sjoelbak with slots that are 60mm x 17mm.

Be aware that some sell pucks that are flat faced, but Heemskerk Sport Pucks are slightly concave on both sides for better sliding and control. They satisfy official Sjoelen Federation requirements and are made in the Netherlands.

Shipping & Handling, per set of pucks

  • Free Shipping in the US, USPS
  • $25 to Canada, USPS International
  • Free if ordered with a Sjoelbak (For US & Canada only)

Canadian customers: We do not collect any taxes.The Canadian government may charge you Import duties, GST, HST, PST, etc, over which we have no control. 


Customer Reviews

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Avrohom Katz

Sjoelbak Pucks (3 Spares)

Julie Vieth

Sjoelbak Pucks (3 Spares)

catherine mayo

Sjoelbak Pucks (3 Spares)

Evelyn Doetschman
Sjoel pucks

I have an old Homas sjoelbak game and we were missing one puck. The replacements are ever so slightly larger in diameter and their weights varied from 19 to nearly 23 g. What are wedstride (spelling?) specs for pucks?
Also our old pucks have smooth rounded edges…are those available anywhere?
Thanks for whatever info you can give me! We love the game!

rachael shapiro
great to get the spare pucks!

we lost one puck so now its great to have 2 extra! thx!

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