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The Classic Sjoelbak - Now Available in The US & Canada!

Welcome to the new home of Dutch Games.   

These boards are expertly and beautifully made in Holland, using African hardwoods.  Each game comes with 30 concave, professionally machined pucks that cause them to glide smoothly across the finished wood surface. In the past, we have tested boards made in the US, Canada, and China. Even though they were less expensive to make and to ship, it may come as no surprise that the Dutch remain the best Sjoelbak manufacturers in the world. Satisfaction is guaranteed with these premium quality boards.


  • Foldable and straight boards are currently in-stock and ready for shipment to anywhere in North America.
  • We have recently lowered our shipping costs to Canada.
  • We apologize that at this time we are not able to ship boards to Australia.  However, we ship pucks to almost anywhere in the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Call us toll free: 1-877 BE DUTCH (1-877-233-8824)

Wij spreken Nederlands... and English, of course.

Buyers residing in The Netherlands or elsewhere: this makes a perfect gift for family or friends in the US & Canada. In most cases they will receive their Sjoelbak within a week after you place the order.


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Check out the iPhone app for Sjoelen created by our cousin Ludwig in Nijmegen, The Netherlands:

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