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Sjoelen Scoring Pad available with a sjoelbak order

Dutch Games

Create a competitive spirit among the players with an official Dutch Games Score Pad

Sjoelen Scoring pad has 25 sheets each that will help you keep score and explains how to keep score.

This is a must have for those who play to win.

Free Shipping if ordered with a sjoelbak

New way to hold a sjoelen tournament

They had an exciting new sjoelen tournament in Groningen. Check out the video of the event, especially the "wave" at the end of the final game

New found excitement in the Netherlands - sjoelen

Check this out. 3 guys in Tilburg wanted to start a sjoelen club. They really stressed the community and bringing people together with a fun activity  

Amazing accomplishments in sjoelen

World Record set at sjoelen tournament in Zwolle, NL   Here is the world record score card of 10 perfect games in a row by Siem Oostenbrink  (Siem is shown...