Dutch Games - Sjoelbak Pucks (Set of 30)

Complete Set of 30 Sjoelbak Pucks, Dutch Games brand

These hardwood pucks are made of Beechwood and suitable for replacements, or a new set, if you decide to build your own Sjoelbak.

The pucks are 52mm in diameter and 13mm high. They fit a tournament sized Sjoelbak with slots that are 60mm x 17mm.

Be aware that some sell pucks that are flat-faced, but Dutch Games Pucks are slightly concave on both sides for better sliding and control. They satisfy official Sjoelen Federation requirements and are made in the Netherlands.

Shipping & Handling, per set of pucks

  • Free Shipping in the US, USPS
  • $15 to Canada
  • $20 to Australia & New Zealand
  • Free if ordered with a Sjoelbak (US & Canada Only)

For quantity discounts, please contact us by phone or e-mail

Canadian customers: We do not collect any taxes.The Canadian government may charge you Import duties, GST, HST, PST, etc, over which we have no control. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Lea Schofield
The new pucks are great!

We got our Dutch shuffle board table 10 months ago and we are addicted! As much as we play we felt it was time to replace the pucks. The increased speed with the new pucks was what we needed. This game is great for fun, competitive entertainment. Many of our friends and family have purchased the game after playing with us. We love it and recommend it to anyone thinking about purchasing one.

Simon D. Furth
puck(er) up

Ordered and received with great speed. Packed and sent with great speed.
Very happy customer

Brian Krabbenbos
Great family game

Thanks so much for the quick delivery of my sjoelbak pucks. They are exactly as described and slide great on my sjoelbak board.
Also thanks for a copy of the game rules as well as a copy of a score sheet

Tim Slegers
Puck yeah!

These are very nice pucks. Shipping was fast too. Dankjewel.

Dave Ripka

I have never played Sjoelbak before, but the pucks were well-crafted and had the concave surface on both sides. I couldnt make them so thought I'd purchase them. Very satisfied. The slid well on my waxed board.

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