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Competition in Sjoelen worldwide is heating up. The latest world cup was held in the Czech Republic with 8 countries participating. The next world cup will be in 2017 in France. It would be great to see the USA represented in 2017 as we were in 2013.

Also last week the (EOC) European Olympic Committee announced that the Netherlands will be hosting the European games in 2019. 

Time to lobby for Sjoelen as an official Olympic sport!

Written by Joshua Heyden — May 26, 2015


Frank de Rijcke:

We had the first ever sjoelbak championships in Melbourne Australia. We had only 20 starters, but with the next championships in july 2016 we expect around 50 players. It will grow from there.

October 25 2015


I live in California and my wife and I have loved playing sjoelbak for the last 40 years. I had a Dutch aunt and my parents brought a sjoelbak board back from a family trip all those years ago. My wife and I are ready to represent the USA!

January 17 2016

Frank De Rijcke:

2016 Australian sjoelbak championships have just been run, great event with lovely food and entertainment. We had about 30 competitors. Can’t wait for next year.

August 18 2016

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